What is a Survey and Analysis Family Tree project and why do one?

Heirlines Professional Genealogy Tip:

A Survey and Analysis project is the initial phase of any Heirlines Professional Genealogy Custom Research Services Project that may be purchased separately from a complete block of research, analysis and reporting time, informing the client of the possibilities for research. It provides Heirlines with an overview of the types and extent of records available to us locally at the Family History Library and what must be ordered off site to help the client accomplish their research goal. It highlights the vast resources that are available to Heirlines to conduct research on the client’s family tree.

An example: Michael William Edward Doran of Wheeling, West Virginia – Irish immigration question prior to 1860.

The Family History Library here in Salt Lake City, Utah, has an extensive collection of records pertaining to Wheeling, and Ohio Co., West Virginia. We have microfilm and published histories, as well as published abstracts of many records including cemetery inscriptions, newspaper records, church records, and a number of other subjects. Our microfilm collection pertaining to this locality includes court minutes of various courts; probate files; birth, marriage, and death records; deeds, mortgages, land grants; immigration and naturalization records; military records, and many other sources. We also have the Iams Collection, an extensive genealogy datafile compiled in Washington Co., Pennsylvania that gathers records and information from around southwest Pennsylvania, including West Virginia, and Ohio counties. We also have passenger lists for all east coast ports, and federal court records relating to naturalizations.

In addition to records in Wheeling and Ohio Count, West Virginia, we have similar records for counties and states throughout the U.S., so we can search for other Doran families that might be related to Michael. The name Doran is not an uncommon name. There were twenty seven Michael Dorans in the Union Army during the Civil War. To learn about Michael’ brothers, we need to search records in Wheeling and neighboring communities near the time of their arrival in the 1830’s. Property records, marriages, court minutes, naturalizations, and church records should identify Doran individuals that were in the Wheeling area, and help Heirlines Professional Genealogy in locating those people in later years in different parts of the U.S.

It is important to locate as much informa6tion about Irish immigrants in American records as possible, because identifying them in Irish records requires knowing precisely which parish and county they were from. Irish records are extremely limited prior to 1860, both here and in Ireland as well. When Ireland rebelled and broke away from England in 1921, their Nation Record Office (Archives) was fire bombed, and most of the early records of Ireland, including many of the early church records, were destroyed and lost. Vital records in Ireland didn’t begin until 1863, and no census records exist prior to the 1901 census. Property records still exist, but prior to 1921, less than 5 percent of the Irish people owned any property. Property was owned by lords and manors. The Family History Library has microfilm of most of the existing record sources, including tax lists, manor records, and surviving church registers, and many other original documents.

One of the records we looked into we4re the series of volumes called THE SEARCH FOR MISSING FRIENDS – Irish Immigrant Advertisements Place in the Boston Pilot (newspaper) 1831-1878. Because we know there were 6 Doran brothers coming to America and scattering from there, suggests that Michael lost track of his family. These advertisements pertained to people all over the eastern U.S., often listing places of birth or origin and relationships. We search each volume, and while we found many Doran names, we didn’t find any reference to Michael or apparently any of his siblings, connected to a Michael.

In-depth research must be pursued on Michael Doran and his brothers to find the desired answers about his ancestry and ancestral home in Ireland. Please go to our website, www.heirlines.com and choose a Research and Analysis Package that best suits your needs. This is a challenging problem and the larger the project purchased, the greater the opportunity we will have to discover and investigate more records pertaining to the Doran lineage and to find answers about Michael Doran’s genealogy and family history.

Submitted by Mary E. Petty, BA (History), BA (Genealogy)
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Written originally by James W. Petty, AG, CG, February 21, 2003.
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