Mormon records may have the clue to help you unlock the mysteries on your family tree.

There has been considerable discussion about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and their religious interest in family history research. They are the premier, number one professional genealogy corporation in the world because of their Family History Library collection of genealogical and historical records, documents, periodicals, books and other family history materials from over 250 countries, their online presence as, as well as LDS religious views and practices. Everyone climbing their family tree can benefit from Mormon collection of educational and self help materials provided at the FHL and online at, accessing the free family tree databases, utilizing their over 2000 Family History Center, using free down loads of PAF to store your personal family history information

Recently, we found this 10/11/08 Deseret News article, “Jewish family makes peace with LDS Baptism”, by Chicago Tribune writer Manya A Brachear.
(,5143,700265520,00.html ) It provides a very enlightening Jewish perspective on the practice of “Baptism for the Dead” and the records associated with this ordinance. The article was first published in the Chicago Tribune on 09/21/08 entitled: Bridging a Jewish-Mormon Rift.,0,1284438.story.

I recommend this as good reading for all those interested in using these important Mormon “Baptism for the Dead” records to search for answers to their ancestry.

Submitted by Mary E. Petty, BA (History), BA (Genealogy)

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