My Fellow Professional Genealogists,

I have a dream for 2020. I see a fully organized profession, Professional Genealogy, for career professional genealogy researchers complete with formal education, training, experience, qualified membership requirements, credentialing, competency, re-certification/re-accreditation, continuing education, compliance, and standardized ethics, methodology, and best practices. These are the hallmarks of a true profession. Here quality and accountability matter for the benefit of the profession, the practitioner and the consumer because competency is certified for trusted results by qualified professionals. Consumers need it. Professional Genealogists need it. The career occupation of professional genealogy research services needs it.

Forces in the marketplace are now aligning that are not all in the best interests of the profession, the practitioner, and the consumer. Are we as practitioners going to just let the tidal wave come or are we going to lead out and shape our own destiny? Most assuredly, today’s actions or inactivity, will affect the future growth and development of professional genealogy research services as a viable career and commercial enterprise, and have direct impact on the quality and accuracy of private and public domain family trees and family history. Clearly, there is a great need to professionalize the career of professional genealogy research services.

Where will Professional Genealogy be in 2020? Will professional genealogy research services be a career profession composed of qualified practitioners? Or will the term professional continue merely an adjective, with no basis in a profession? Is a profession possible?

To answer these questions, I am seeking fellow practitioners: #1 who want a profession organized for Professional Genealogy; and #2 are willing to commit time and effort to its institution on a formal basis. If you are interested in this future for the full-time career of professional genealogy researcher, please contact me, Mary E. Petty. Lets start building today for 2020.

Mary E. Petty

Sincerely yours,

Mary E. Petty, B.A. (History), B.A. (Genealogy)
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