Inquiry: How can you help me with my Australian, English and Irish Murphy and Boyle Roots?

Heirlines Response: We would be glad to assist you with your family history research. The Family History Library here in Salt Lake City, Utah, is the largest and premier library in the World dealing with family history and genealogy, and it houses a wonderful collection of records pertaining to Australia, England, and Ireland. We have qualified credentialed professional researchers who are skilled and trained to research in these records to properly identify and document your genealogy and correctly verify your Australian ancestry back to its origins in England and Ireland.

We are confident that we can obtain marriage records for Thomas Murphy and Mary Boyle (if they used these names), which should identify their parents’ names. We can pursue research to locate information about their arrival in Australia, and in local census records that can tell us about their origins and work to obtain copies of death certificates as well. In addition, we may be able to locate information about other family members in other parts of the world, and use these sources to identify the original family home site in Ireland. As for James William Shannon, who died in Australia in 1895, we believe we can locate a death record for him. Your family records should be able to identify for whom he was the father, and possibly the name of his wife. From there we can identify him in census records, marriage records, and many other useful sources.

You may well ask, “How much time will my research goals require?” We offer professional genealogy research services on an hourly fee purchased in blocks of time of 10, 20, 40, and 120 hours. This is the most effective and efficient way to build an extensive family tree at the pace the client desires. Each research request is original with its unique complexity and goals. The time needed to accomplish the desired research is not known prior to the completion of the discovery process nor is it possible to promise that every research goal can be satisfied. The information may be unavailable or inconclusive. In other words – we do not know in advance what your true ancestry is, but we do guarantee to provide you with documented answers about your family tree. Because each inquiry for research is unique, the time needed to complete the client’s request as per professional genealogy standards, will depend on a variety of criteria and conditions. HEIRLINES expert professional genealogists provide qualified research based on the unique conditions of each client’s family tree:

  • Existence of records pertaining to family being researched
  • Availability of records to search for the location and time period of the family being researched
  • Custom and unique features of the client’s request (complex extensive family tree vs. a simple specific request)
  • Client’s documented knowledge of their desired research family and goals
  • Current state of existent records (i.e.: Non-indexed records take more time to research than those that are indexed; readability; etc.)
  • What is the best way to present the information found in the records to the client- transcription, abstraction? Time varies with each record used, preference of the client and goals.

Professional Genealogy Research Services offered by HEIRLINES requires adherence to the strict research standards of the BCG, ICAPGen and APG. This is scholarly documentation of all evidence used in establishing a family tree. We will use these standards in discovering and documenting your family history. Climbing your family tree is like putting a challenging puzzle together or solving a difficult mystery– it requires scholarly research and analysis skills, availability of records and proper professional genealogy practices. HEIRLINES is prepared and available to pursue such a project for you and your family. Please visit our website at, and check out our projects and fees under the “services” category. You can purchase our services on-line at or by check or money order using the instructions found on our website. Please contact us again with any other questions and we will be glad to discuss what we can do for you and your family. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you learn about your family history. Toll Free 1.800.570.4049