I don’t own a gun. I am not in the occupation of private security. I do not provide private security services. I only have nearly 40 years of professional genealogy research services business experience, knowledge and background to share my perspective on SB 1243. I am a professional genealogist whose company has provided professional genealogy research results for clients covering all aspects of my chosen field of endeavor in every state of the union as well as internationally. I am passionate about my occupation and professionalizing the profession called Professional Genealogy Research Services and the work that the US Government calls Genealogy Research Services. The bill SB 1243 does have direct impact on the profession. Why?

The design process of any bill includes a definition of terms and proposed placement in the legal code- statues, etc. Because Heir Finders do genealogy research as a significant part of finding heirs and because doing genealogy research is the core business or work activity of professional genealogy research services of which heir finders or Forensic Genealogy is a specialty, SB 1243 by its very existence, is an attempt to define and codify the genealogy research by one of those specialties, heir finding, and thereby the “profession”. Go read the Texas Constitution and Statues for TITLE 10. OCCUPATIONS RELATED TO LAW ENFORCEMENT AND SECURITY – (CHAPTER 1702. PRIVATE SECURITY). Do you see yourself defined by the regulations of the occupation Private, Security?

A wise man once said: “When any quasi-profession begins to show signs that it cannot govern or manage itself, they are subtly inviting some government regulatory agency to step in and say we will govern you.” In my book, when you let someone else define you, and regulate you under their understanding of what you do, and the profession does nothing or denies that this definition or codifying has anything to do with the profession, then “silence gives consent” as Sir Thomas More ala Robert Bolt wrote in a “Man for All Seasons”.

I recognize that Professional Genealogy Research Services is a quasi- profession and still emerging. I am committed to its growth and development and want to see the pie defined and codified and divided by qualified practitioners who have a vested interest in the profession, the practitioner, the consumer, and the legacy of their work in the public domain. I am very interested in working with such professionals who believe in self policing of their work by a viable, sustainable, sovereign profession for practitioners who do genealogy research as a career and livelihood in all of its specialties and aspects.

Written by Mary E. Petty, B.A. (History), B. A. (Genealogy)
(from copyrighted material, © 2009, Heirlines Family History & Genealogy, Inc. All rights reserved.