Technology is wonderful, but sometimes old school record searching leads to unexpected success.

recordScience, technology and computers have made life easier for the genealogist, and opened up new information, and provided easier access to old information beyond what we’ve had before. But science, technology and computers are only tools, and we have to learn to work with them to appreciate this outpouring of information. Technology is wonderful… and it has made life infinitely easier for us; but sometimes it takes something more to discover the truth.

Often we don’t take the time to learn the research skills and knowledge of records so needed to accurately determine the truth about our family tree. We have forgotten the day when information could only be found when someone went to the courthouse, pulled out a large book, and searched it page by page for a mention of an ancestor. To be successful in determining the correct pedigree and lineage, people in that day needed to know and understand the records. And this is all the more true for today’s genealogist in this growing world of information and the need for data accuracy.

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