Italian Ancestry Research for Dual Citizenship Inquiry:

My family wants Italy nationality but for that we need the birthday of Cesar Puccini, who is Antonio Puccini father. Antonio’s birthday is 17 of December of 1901, and the place is Macherata. Italy. I would be thankful if you can help me. Natalia xxx

Heirlines Professional Genealogy Tip:

Heirlines would be glad to assist you in securing proper documentation for Italian Dual Citizenship. The Family History Library ( )here in the Genealogy Capital of the World, Salt Lake City, Utah, has the birth records of Macerata, Italy up to 1910 in it’s unsurpassed genealogical and historical records collection. We will be glad to search for the birth record you are requesting in those records. Heirlines is a full-service professional genealogy firm that offers a service called a “Specific Record Search” for $100.00 USD which can be purchased on-line by credit card at our website

If the birth record of Cesar or Antonio Puccini is recorded in Macerata, we should be able to find and make a copy of it for you. If the birth is not recorded there, it may have taken place in a nearby community and additional searches would be required. You may want to consider full-service in-depth professional genealogy research on this family in order to find all the needed documentation for your Dual Citizenship request. Please call Heirlines at 800.570.4049 to discuss these options.

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