May 26, 2003

Here are some of my ideas for the Salt Lake Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists Website:

1. Make the SLC APG Website “The Professional Genealogist” site for
potential Internet clients.
2. Get a professional web master to make and market our website.
3. List every one on a rotating alphabetical list like old AG list.
4. Everyone gets simple listing of name and professional credentials (AG, BCG, College degree in Genealogy/Family History) for $25 a month.
5. If you want listing of all credentials, pay for it ($50-$100 per month so we can keep the web site professional.)
6. By aligning ourselves together we can bring traffic to SLC APG Website-we can become the site for professional genealogists who take clients.
7. Credentials to be listed, professional credentials (BCG, AG British, Canada and other Foreign countries ); college education –listing degree and field; full time career/part time; certificates and other genealogy education experiences; professional experience (years of full- time employment in the field, # clients, listing of research, write, lecture, expert witness, librarian, translation, etc. use also APG list); non professional experience; APG listing, honorary credentials, positions held; publications.
8. By listing credentials, we will inform potential clients, and raise the awareness of the APG membership of need for credentials by all who call themselves professional genealogists; and we will separate the men from the boys; the career genealogists from the part-time avocationist; the professional from the auxiliary Members; the researcher who does genealogy from those who talk and write about it (cause in most cases, it is a researcher that the client is looking for).

These are some rough ideas, a beginning point for discussion with the Professional Genealogists in Salt Lake City. I am hopeful, that we will be able to come together as a group and do something exciting and revolutionary in the field. We can set the path and lead out for our fellow professionals. Somewhere in time, the professionals are going to have to quit fighting and take control of their professional destiny. I believe this can only happen when the professionals no longer share their livelihood with the avocationist. This is a disservice to clients and in the muddied waters of the Internet, makes it increasingly difficult to determine who is a professional.

I look forward to the discussion.

Thank you,

Mary E. Petty