I am having trouble finding my Polish American Ancestry. I would like to find the father and grandfather of a John Theodore Lemanski. He was born in Tennessee in 1845. I believe his father was a Charles on an 1840 census, on the Mississippi River in Tennessee and his mother was an Eliza Lemanski born in TN in 1823. I can’t find him in 1850 so I guess the Federal Census for Tennessee is lost. I need to know if the father or grandfather was the immigrant to USA and who they were and country of origin. Family tradition is that he was born in Poland or Russia. I just want to know my ancestry.

Heirlines Professional Genealogy Tip:

#1 After all variations of Lemanske starting with a Capital L are considered in an online search of the Federal Census records of www.ancestry.com , then you have to look for the name spelled with a Capital S because these two cursive capitalized letters are often confused by Indexers. If you try this, you will find him listed in Michigan indexed as an S.

This entry is confirmed by the fact that the children were born in TN, Mississippi and Ohio with the father being born in Poland. We found Charles Semanske as a teacher who traveled up and down the Mississippi and Ohio River Valley which leads us to searching the property and probate records in each of these areas where he had children.

Then, using the documented information you have already acquired about this family, in-depth research must be done in governmental, church. land and probate records to find answers to your questions. The information here will lead us to immigration records. These records are available at the Family History Library in the Genealogy Capital of the World, Salt Lake City, UT . This is the number one historical and genealogical repository for professional genealogy research.

Located in Salt Lake City, Heirlines is available to search this collection for you and discover and document your ancestry and their origins. Call us today for help on your Polish American Research.

Submitted by Mary E. Petty, BA (History), BA (Genealogy)
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