How do I use restricted LDS Family History Library records in my family tree research? I am searching for Newton Knight (1837-1922) and Davis Knight (1821-1863). They appear on the International Genealogical Index (IGI) as receiving LDS temple ordinances; Newton was sealed to parents in 1934, and Davis was endowed in 1906. These records are considered restricted and unavailable at my local Family History Center. What can you tell me about these men? What are these records and how can I access them?

Heirlines Professional Genealogy Tip:

The answer to this inquiry provides us with insight on what are and how restricted LDS Family History Library used in genealogy research. We were able to find the information you requested on Newton Knight and Davis Knight. We also determined from Internet sources (undocumented) that these men were Nephew and Uncle respectively. Newton Knight, and George Franklin Knight (who joined the Mormon Church and moved to Utah, where he performed the ordinances in behalf of his brother Newton and other relatives) were sons of Albert Knight and Mary Mason Rainey. Davis Knight was a brother to Albert Knight, and they were sons of John “Jackie” Knight and Keziah Davis. Davis Knight’s full name was Jesse Davis Knight. He was born Aug. 8, 1821 or 1822, and died Dec. 17, 1863, during the Battle of Atlanta (Georgia), where he fought as a Confederate Soldier.

Newton Knight was “sealed” to his parents in the Mesa, Arizona Temple in 1934, along with other deceased members of his family, with the work being performed at the instance of or by his nearly ninety year old brother, George F. Knight,. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) believe in the concept of an “eternal family”, which means that all of mankind is related. The living have the mission or calling from God to provide saving and exalting ordinances for those who have died; that they might be able to be received into the presence of God, and eventually live in exalted form with Heavenly Father. This lineage of mankind helps individual members of the LDS Church to be focused on their individual responsibilities to their own direct ancestors, and provide the opportunity for the blessings and covenants of eternal life. Members of the LDS Church believe such ordinances must be completed in mortality, and must be done by those who are living, on behalf of those who are deceased. These ordinances include Baptism, Endowments, and Sealings (to spouses and to parents). Sealings refer to uniting couples, and families together in an eternal lineage, willing to be obedient to the commandments of God.

Sealing records are restricted in access to members of the Church who hold temple recommends (certificates that represent their faithfulness in adhering to the principles of the Gospel). Therefore, sealing records are only available in Salt Lake City at the Special Collections room of the Family History Library. Baptism and Endowment records are open to the public. Sealings are restricted to provide the privacy of living individuals and family relationships.

The information you requested does not pertain to living individuals, and is given as follows:

“Mesa, Arizona, Arizona Temple – Sealing of Children to Parents” – Page 692, Date: 7 Feb 1934

(Note: Your information indicated a date of April 1, 1932, but that date was simply the date on the first page of the volume.)

Ordinances performed at the instance of (or on behalf of) George F. Knight.

Knight, Albert, sealed 10 Jan 1907; William O. Crowther, proxy.
Knight, Mary Mason Rainey; Mary C. M. Crowther, proxy.


28243 “Son” Knight, born: 22 May 1833, Jones Co., Mississippi; Died: Child. Proxy:
Lehi Larsen.
28244 Newton Knight, born: 10 Mar 1837, Ellisville, Jones Co., Miss.; Died: 16 Feb
1922; Endowed: 27 Mar 1923. Proxy: Henry U. Russell.
28245 Martha Knight, born: 1846, Jones Co., Miss.; died: 1926. Endowed: 2 Dec 1932.
Proxy: L. Clarinda Knight.
28246 Zachary Taylor Knight, born: 1849, Jones Co., Miss.; died: 7 Jan 1907.
Endowed: 23 Jan 1907. Proxy: Thomas R. Hamblin.

This is not intended to be a complete list of the family of Albert and Mary Knight. This only represents members of the family that George F. Knight performed ordinances for, who were dead by 1934. Other ordinances may have been performed for others at an earlier date, or at a later date. Albert had a large family and these are only a few of his children.

The second requested record was the Endowment listing for Davis Knight in 1906. (By the way, this record was not restricted and could have been obtained at your branch family history center). This list is for Davis Knight and his brothers. Similar entries for the sisters of Davis Knight is probably available, but was done at another time for female ordinances.

“Manti, Utah, Manti Temple – Endowments for the Dead”; pg. 78; Dec. 19, 1906

(Instance of George F. Knight)

Number Names Birthdate/Birthplace Death Baptismal Date
Proxy Relationship

2776 James Knight Covington, Mississippi 1899 18 Dec 1906
Rasmus Hemmingson Rel: none given

2777 William H. Knight Covington, Mississippi 1872 “
Pleasant C. Turnbow Rel: none given

2778 Benjamin Knight Covington, Mississippi 1853 “
John E. Metcalf Rel: none given “

2779 Davis Knight Covington, Mississippi 17 Dec 1863 “
George F. Knight Rel: “Rel”

2780 Daniel Knight Covington, Mississippi 1863 “
Allen Russell Rel: none given

2781 John Knight Covington, Mississippi 1898 “
John Frischknecht Rel: none given

It is important to note that George F. Knight chose to be proxy for Davis Knight, his Uncle. George was born in 1843, and was twenty at the time Davis died. He may have had especially close feelings for Davis, and considered Davis to be a close friend, or may have held him in high esteem.

We checked the Internet at Ancestry.com, for lineage information that might help me understand the relationship between these people. We found several lineages, or versions of the lineage. (Note: none of these lineages are documented, and often have information that conflicts with the actual records). First we found a lineage showing George Franklin Knight as the son of Albert Knight and Mary Mason Rainey; and Albert as the son of John Jackie Knight and Keziah Davis. This lineage didn’t identify any other children of John and Keziah. Next we found a lineage for Newton Knight with complete data information for all of his children, all of the children of Albert and Mary Knight, and all of the children for John and Keziah Knight. In this record, we found that Davis Knight was recorded as “Jefferson Davis Knight”, born in 1822, Died Dec. 17, 1863, and married to Sarah Elizabeth Baylis in 1841. Another lineage shows Davis Knight listed as “Jesse Davis Knight” born in 1821, with all of the same information. Only one of his children was listed (the child the lineage pertains to). All of the family for John (“Jackie”) Knight and Keziah Davis were listed. This lineage also identifies John as the son of Miles and Mary Knight. Keziah Davis was listed as the daughter of Thomas and Keziah Davis. No further information was given.

Please note that there are differences in the lineages, but proper research in original records can correct that and extend family lines. As can be seen, LDS ordinance records may provide valuable personal knowledge of ancestors who have been forgotten.


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