How do I get a real family tree that is credible that I can submit to

Heirlines Professional Genealogy Tip:

Application of professional genealogy research, analysis, and reporting methodology, adherence to proper genealogical research principles and sourcing use of standardized citation format are key to successfully establishing your real roots according to Heirlines Professional Genealogy “Certified Family Tree (R)” Program.

Recently a client sent Heirlines a very extensive Gedcom file of their family pedigree going into the 1700’s. They want to have an accurate family tree so they can submit it to the new online world-wide family tree. This is found at that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is putting on the Internet for use by members and people of all faiths, cultures, nationalities, ethnic groups, and interests who want to help create a global family tree with sources.

This Gedcom came with no sources and no documentation which means that records will now have to be located that can be used to source and substantiate each name on the pedigree or establish the correct ancestry. This is the only way to create an accurate or authentic pedigree. It will involve collecting all the records that the client currently has on their genealogy and citing these documents on the family tree software program. The names that the client cannot document will require further research to substantiate the relationships or determine the correct ancestry.

This is a three-step program called Heirlines Professional Genealogy “Certified Family Tree (R)”. 1. Do Professional Genealogy Research and Analysis using the correct application of professional genealogy research methodology and principles to properly determine the right person in the client’s lineage. 2. Make a Report of Findings using professional genealogy standardized citation format for each ancestor’s records proving the family tree that is added into the family tree software program. 3. Submit the correct family tree with all of the sources to the LDS family tree.

This online family tree is a great effort by the Church to bring everyone together who share a common ancestry. It is the best way we know for people who do have sources to contribute their family history and be credible. We encourage everyone who is serious about having an authentic family tree to work with professional genealogy providers like Heirlines who are committed to ensuring that their consumer rights are respected and professional genealogy research services code of ethics and standards of performance are followed in producing a “Certified Family Tree (R)” that can be added to this valuable online family tree.

Submitted by Mary E. Petty, BA (History), BA (Genealogy)
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