April 26, 2013 – Heirlines Pro Genealogy Tips for Genealogists – 13 Lucky Tips for Success!

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Are you stuck on your family tree?Have you hit a brick wall in your research?Do you need trustworthy resources and records you can search for answers?Here are Heirlines 13 Pro Genealogy Tips!

1.Setup a research project for your specific brick wall.

2. Gather and Evaluate what you already know and separate the documented facts from the stories.

3.Determine a focused research goal and question to be answered.

4. Make a focused pedigree chart, and if needed, family group sheets or timeline to direct the research.genealogy

3. Decide how much time and money you are willing to spend to find the answer.

3. List the skills, resources and tools you have available for doing the research.

4. Choose what kinds of research you will do? Internet, Correspondence (mail/e-mail), Local, Travel Onsite, Family History Library or Family History Center,professional genealogy assistance;

7. Recognizing that everything is not on the Internet, and that most family history and genealogy found online is not documented or a Certified Family Tree™ , review the free pedigrees you find on FamilySearch and the for-a-fee subscription lineages on Ancestry for possibilities and clues.

8. Conduct research to identify and document the correct ancestor.

9. Keep a log of what you search, listing the results and citations.

10. Make copies of research findings with sourcing.

11. Don’t be afraid to look at a record more than once.

12. Have solid historical background and understanding of the people, the era and types of records to be searched. Don’t let the lens of today color the past.

13. Analyze and report research findings in a narrative summarizing positive and negative results with documentation and sourcing for evidence supporting outcomes to identify individuals, establish kinship and heir relationships and provide proof of family history and genealogy.Include recommendations for future research efforts and RootsMagic genealogy software data entry with pro genealogy best practices citations and notes.

James W. Petty, AG, CG

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