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Re: Maiden name of Hannah, wife of Rutherford Herriott of Pennsylvania

I would like to find the parents of Hannah, who married Rutherford Herriott. According to all my research, Hannah was born in 1805 in Pa. (Probably either Washington or Allegheny County) and moved from there around 1825. Rutherford is on the 1830 census of Adams Co Illinois with a female her age. She and Rutherford sold land in Greene County, Illinois in 1836 and were in Arkansas by 1840. They lived in Independence county Arkansas and raised their 4 children there. In 1860 Rutherford was murdered, and Hannah became the “adminstratrix” of his estate. I cannot locate her in any 1870 census, but in 1869 her daughter Amanda married Amos Comer at “the residence of Hannah Herriott.” According to a grandaughter of Amanda’s, Hannah spoke with thee’s and thou’s. This led me to search the Quaker records for the SW part of Pa. where Rutherford grew up. I checked the Monthly meeting records in the Hinshaw books for records of a Hannah born around 1805 and found nothing. According to a letter written in 1937, Hannah nursed Amanda’s daughter Roxie Comer White when she was little. Roxie was born in 1875, so that leads me to think that Hannah lived to almost 1880, but I cannot find her in that census. None of her children’s death records give Hannah’s maiden name.

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