skeletonsThe good, the bad and the ugly side of genealogical research, putting it all in perspective.

If you are preparing to do some exploring in your family tree, watch out for fallen branches aka family skeletons.

It is very common for amateur genealogists, hoping to find an aristocratic or celebrity connection, often trip over something a little more unsavory instead in their genealogical research.

Information about illegitimate children, changed names, adoptions, missing persons, bigamy, criminal records, etc. are all common research discoveries.

With so many records available online it is now possible to learn more about the truth behind your family’s tall tales.

Research can also put speculation and rumors passed down through generations to rest. And it can even bring members of families together for the first time.

Exploring family history can be very emotional, but discovering more about your ancestors, their successes failures and choices, helps us to appreciate them as people even if we never knew them personally. It makes them real.

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