Is your genealogical research in a holding pattern

Simple mistakes or oversights in your genealogical research might be holding you back.
genealogical research in a holding patternGenealogy is a great big puzzle filled with twists and turns and pieces that fit and some that don’t fit. The way that we approach our research and our methodology can often be the determining factor of our success. Sometimes without realizing it, a simple mistake in the way we do things can become a huge hurdle.

There are several common mistakes that many of us have made at one time or another. For example, not citing your sources correctly or sometimes not at all.

“There’s a reason professional genealogists cite every source of information they use in their research. While it lends authenticity to your work, there’s another more important reason to cite. It leaves a trail for you to backtrack through if you hit a wall.”

“If you’ve been researching merrily along and suddenly hit a solid brick wall, one of the first steps to try is retracing your steps. This helps you to find details you may have overlooked at first glance. It can also show you where you may have made a mistake.”

Another common problem is disorganization.

“If you find yourself constantly hunting for where you filed a document, whether in paper or digital form, it’s holding you back. Wouldn’t that time be better spent on actual research?”

‘Take some time to research organization systems and commit to one. There are a variety of systems available, all good in their own way, but the best is the one that works for you. After a few years of trial and error, I’ve settled on a combination of systems, modified to fit my needs.”

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