7. Germany Research.

Germans kept wonderful records, many of which are available on microfilm at the Family History Library here in Salt Lake City, Utah. You can access these records through the inter-library loan system of your local Family History Center. Be sure to become familiar with paleography so you can learn to read the different handwriting styles prevalent in German Records. There are many online resources and subscription and free databases available as well where you can do research when you have an understanding of the historical context and methodology of German Research. this includes a knowledge of US records as well as German records that will both have to be studied in-order to determine your US to German origins.

Heirlines can read, translate, and research the US and German records available (vital, church, military, census, naturalization, immigration and emigration, location, and more) to help you find the origins of your family. Research is done in Germany when the client desires on-site record retrieval and family tree authentication.

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