6. Irish Research.

To find out where your family home is in Ireland is a thrill to accomplish. Irish Research is some of the most difficult research to do, because many records were destroyed during the Irish Rebellion in 1922, at which time their National Record Office was fire bombed, and burned to the ground. Never the less, many records still exist, both for Ireland, and for Irish citizens residing in America, England, Australia, and around the world and more are becoming available all of the time because this is such a popular research area. Check online to see what new record subscription databases have been made available so you can do the research yourself. Be sure to make copies and properly document your research so you will accurately determine your family tree. Irish research requires a sound understanding of naming patterns and paleography. Be prepared for the challenge when you get into the exciting field of Irish research.

Heirlines can help you search for the Irish Origins of your family because we know how to do the needed professional genealogy research.

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