For years the records of Eastern Europe (Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Hungary and so on) have been difficult to access because of governmental restrictions and the historical upheaval of that region of the world. Many of these records are now open to the public, and the Family History Library (headquartered here in Salt Lake City, Utah) is microfilming thousands of records from these countries and from 250 countries world-wide, making genealogical research in Eastern Europe more possible than ever before. This presents several challenges for the family researcher who must be prepared with a wide knowledge of cultural, historical and geographical differences and data in-order to properly trace Eastern European Ancestry. In most cases, professional genealogy help will be needed to accurately discover, determine, document and display the East European Family Tree.

Heirlines can help you learn about your East European ancestors, no matter where or when they lived or where or when they moved to America. We have expert researchers who can read and translate old documents, and search for the names and history of your families. On-site research is also available. We would be very glad to help you discover your East European roots, be they from Belarus, Slovenia, Croatia, Romania, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, or the Ukraine. Because of our expert knowledge of US to Eastern European historical and genealogical records, Heirlines is qualified to accurately establish your true ancestry and to document your family history.

Submitted by Mary E. Petty, B.A. (History), B.A. (Genealogy)
Vice President: Heirlines Family History and Genealogy, Inc.
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