Make family health history a part of your Thanksgiving get together.

Photoxpress_7800427Be pro-active in improving your health this holiday season. In addition to living a healthy lifestyle, starting an exercise program, and smart eating, make plans now for Family Health History to be a part of your holiday get togethers.

Family Health History is a valuable way to help your whole family have better health. It is having a knowledge of the health issues that your family members past and present have experienced in their lifetime. Family Health History information is available in their historical and genealogical records, both the living and the dead. You can also learn all about your Family Health History through discussion and asking questions when family gets together.

Family get togethers are a great way to have fun, learn about your ancestors, and to find out about the health concerns that you share in common with your relatives. Talk to your brothers and sisters, your aunts and uncles and cousins and grandparents. There are many resources available to help you compile and organize this type of information. Gathering and sharing family health history information will help you all make better choices about your health.

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