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Re: Finding Information about Father’s Possible Native American Ancestry

I was born in May 30, 1959 in Grand Island, Ne. and relinquished to Ne. Board of Control when I was 17 days old. I have quite a bit of information that I have obtained just this past year from the court and Nebraska Health and Welfare Services. In nearly all of the papers about my father, it refers to him as an “Indian”. I am interested in learning if that is true and if so, what my Native American heritage might be. He was born in New York, but was in the military in Nebraska at the time of my birth. By the way, I was adopted from the orphanage in Lincoln when I was 9 months old and had wonderful parents that gave me a good life.
Please let me know about your fees and the process in which you search for this type of situation. Thank you


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We would be glad to assist you in your search for your father. However, before you order a project, we first we need a “name.” You have indicated that you knew he was a Native American, possibly from Lincoln, Nebraska, or from somewhere in Nebraska, and that he was born in New York. This isn’t enough for us to get started. For a modern problem where many records are closed by law, we need a name to begin searching available databases. With a name, we can begin the search for your father in a wide variety of databases and record sources. In professional genealogy research we go from the known (documented) to the unknown. Do you have any documentation on your father and your relationship to him? If you have this, research has a known (documented) starting place. Please provide this information and documents when you are ready to use HEIRLINES Professional Genealogy Research Services We recommend an initial 20 hour research project ($1200) to begin the discovery and documentation of your father’s ancestry.

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