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Best genealogy. That term can cover a lot of ground, from the best genealogy websites on the Internet to the best genealogy software available. But, for most people, best genealogy means climbing the family tree, professionally. In other words, best genealogy is a lineage or pedigree produced through adherence to the professional code of ethics and standards of performance of the commercial industry called Professional Genealogy Research Services.

This is where people come for professional research services when they want to join a lineage society, document their royal pedigree or connection to the rich and the famous like Charlemagne, George Washington, Robert E. Lee, or Clara Barton; find missing heirs, prove their Native American Heritage, or dig for their family roots; locate where, when, and on what side their ancestor fought in the Civil War, American Revolution or Agincourt or accurately trace their ancestry. When you want an authentic pedigree that is properly documented and sourced, you want the best genealogy. Heirlines Family History and Genealogy, a Professional Genealogy Research Services Company has been climbing the family tree professionally, since 1969. Here is some of their “best genealogy” advice.

Best Genealogy Practices

The best genealogy practices are used by commercial professional genealogists who have the right education – a 4 year college degree in genealogy; the right training – as a researcher in the professional genealogy research industry; the right experience – years and years of full-time career experience working with clients to discover, determine, document, and display their family tree.

Some best genealogy practices can be taught to an amateur, but to be an expert and capable of delivering commercial services, a professional genealogist must have career-oriented training and many years of experience in using professional standards of methodology, ethics, project management and organization. To do the best genealogy work, the professional researcher must have a clear understanding of client-provided materials and family traditions, and know how to access, organize, use, data-input, store, and report positive and negative results from researching a wide variety of research facilities, libraries, computer-based Internet websites, and databases. The best genealogist must be able to deliver professional, reliable and consistent customer care to authoritatively tackle the many facets of client genealogy. Such quality of product, customer service, and responsible performance comes from professional experience with career work where the practitioner uses best genealogy practices and produces everyday, best genealogy for clients.

Best Genealogy Resources

Today, because of the world-wide interest in genealogy and the explosion of facts and fiction on the Internet, people seem to be finding genealogy resources everywhere. The big problem is are they true? Most people do not know how to access the best genealogy resources and determine whether they are right? Do the resources apply to their true family tree or are they fact or fiction? It takes a very experienced professional genealogist to separate the wheat from the chaff, and prove a pedigree or authenticate a lineage. Tracing ancestry is a very time-consuming and scholarly activity that requires considerable knowledge and experience with genealogical and historical records and resources that are often hard to read, hard to understand, and hard to link together for best genealogy results. For the best genealogy, documented evidence and sound reasoning must be used to efficiently and effectively dig for family roots and substantiate an accurate family tree. This kind of research and the high quality of results of best genealogy requires a qualified Professional Genealogist and experienced Professional Genealogy Research Services Company.

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Written 11/05/09 by Mary E. Petty, BA (History), BA (Genealogy)

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