Recently the news has been besieged by false notifications of many celebrity deaths. As people have rushed to learn more about these star passings, more and more they are finding conflicting information and outright untruths. What a waste of time and money and resources! On July 1, 2009 John Sutter of CNN ( wrote:

“The situation is calling attention to the changing state of the news media: As information online moves faster and comes from more sources, it’s more difficult to verify what’s true and what may be shockingly false.

Some have downplayed the situation, saying the rumors are not harmful. Others find the situation offensive in light of the actual deaths last week.

Internet-savvy readers can tell the difference between fake news and real information that has been verified by a trusted blogger or mainstream news reporter, said Gabriel Snyder, managing editor at Gawker, a celebrity news and gossip blog not associated with the rumors.”

This sounds a lot like the current day situation in genealogy found on the Internet. Because we live in a day of self-styled professionalism for genealogy research, education, information, technology and materials, and citizen genealogy blogging, the consumer is having a very tough time finding trustworthy sites in their quest for accurate and trustworthy results and advice. And with the plethoration of Internet sources and resources, and lack of true professional authority, it is becoming even more difficult for the truth to be distinguished from all that is there, and even to find trusted professionals. There is a lot of fake genealogy to wade through online to find real genealogical information and qualified competent professional help. The consumer needs to have authoritative credentialed sources for genealogy results, data, information, technology, instruction, speaking, writing, and blogging. Such professionalism would enhance the credibility of both public and private domain family trees, blogs and genealogical materials and information now found on the Internet and in turn, benefit the consumer, the practitioner, and the emerging profession in Professional Genealogy Research Services.

We here at support the establishment of such a profession in Professional Genealogy Research Services, with autonomous regulation by a professional organization composed of qualified members-only practitioners who can do professional genealogical research. and teach, write, and mentor for clients, students, professionals, governments, and private and public organizations on and off the Internet about professional genealogy. Here consumers will find qualified professionals with profession-regulated and recognized credentials capable of producing trusted verifiable professional genealogy research and authenticated information in all formats in research results, education, technology, and advice. Professionalization will help the savvy consumer find trustworthy practitioners and trusted results, sources, technology, blogging, teaching, writing, speaking, and all things genealogical.

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Mary E. Petty, B.A. (History), B.A. (Genealogy)
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