What did your ancestor do for a living? Questions about your ancestors occupation are answered by this handy dictionary.

ancestors occupationWhat exactly is an “ankle beater,” or a “billy spinner,” or a “lum swooper?” Sometimes in our research  we come across an ancestors occupation listed that we simply don’t understand.

Many job titles or occupations are no longer in use which leaves the researcher very curious as to what their ancestor did to make his living. What duties did he or she actually perform as a “mugger,” or a “tweenie?”

“The Dictionary of Old Occupations” is a great place to start when researching the details of your ancestor’s occupation. This valuable online resource lists thousands of occupations, trades, job titles and other historical terms that can help us pinpoint exactly what it was that our ancestors did from nine to five.

To learn more, visit http://www.familyresearcher.co.uk/glossary/Dictionary-of-Old-Occupations-Index.html

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