Innovative design lets you display your ancestors’ genealogical information in a whole new decorative way

crayonLooking for a fun and decorative new way to display your five generations? Look no further than! A husband and wife design team have developed a new twist on the old five generations chart concept. Their innovative circular design in multiple colors is a new home décor must have!

According to a recent Deseret New article, “For $25 customers get a completed, proofread file with the names of their ancestors spelled out on the circles — all in the color scheme of their choice. They’re free to print it themselves, wherever they want and as many as they want. (There’s also a full-service print option, but it costs more.)”

Having your genealogical information in plain site makes it a part of everyday family life. According to owner, Kimmy Crosby, “A fringe benefit is hearing from satisfied customers. People get excited about this — some get teary-eyed. One woman wrote that she had never talked to her husband’s grandmother until she started working on getting the names for her chart. After that they talked every day. Another said she has her kids aim rubber darts at the chart. Whatever name they hit, that’s the ancestor they talk about that week.”

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