Ancestor History

Finding out more about your ancestor history changes the way that you view your family, the way that you view your nation, and the way that you view the world as a whole. Ancestors are the People of History. It is important to understand and know your past, so your family’s link to the future will be securer. So, how can you find out more about your ancestral history without turning your genealogy quest into a full-time job?

Heirlines Ancestor History and Genealogy

The process of organizing a unique ancestor history is more than throwing names together on a pedigree chart. It requires quality, service, and skills acquired through education, training and experience. The Heirlines Family History and Genealogy Center (link to: provides research and analysis services (link to: provided by real genealogy professionals who are experts in their field because of their career commitment to professional genealogy standards of performance and ethical codes of conduct. These qualified professionals have provided scholarly genealogical and historical services for thousands of clients including individuals, family organizations, lineage societies, businesses, and government as well as served as expert witnesses for legal cases including probate, insurance claims, and property disputes. Their projects cover worldwide family trees in global languages, including, but not limited to: English, Welsh, Hungarian, Polish, German, Gaelic, French, Italian, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Spanish, Portugese, Greek and other Scandanavia, Slavic,Germanic and Latin languages. Heirlines translates and discovers ancestor history in documents, records, microfilms that are modern or of ancient times. They are qualified in paleography (reading old handwriting and scripts) that is so essential to tracing ancestor history into royalty and other desirable lineages.

Heirlines offers you the following Family History and Genealogy Packages:

What Makes Heirlines Different from other Genealogical Services?

With Heirlines, family history professionals offer a three phase process that is dedicated a specified amount of time to the research and analysis of your ancestor, Setup, Research, and Completion. You get to choose the size of each in-depth custom genealogical and historical project that is pursued on your ancestor history. Obviously, the more time that is purchased, affords Heirlines greater opportunities for finding your ancestors in the existent records and databases and for meeting your goals that are established during, Phase 1 Project Setup of your project.

In Phase 2 Project Research Heirlines professionals provide research, analysis, and reporting services that produce a detailed report with sourcing and documentation of the family tree information that was discovered during the research and analysis process. This information names, dates, events and locations, family history and details about the roots on your tree are presented in a narrative of the research conducted, complete with appropriate family group sheets, pedigree charts, records abstracts, and copies of all documents used as evidence to support and authenticate your genealogy and ancestry. In addition, Heirlines provides customers with copies of every document used in the reporting process. These ancestor history documents may include:

  • Birth Certificates
  • Baptismal Records
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Land Records
  • Military Records
  • Court Records
  • Census Records
  • Journals
  • Family Trees
  • Death Certificates
  • Church Records

This information can also include the writings of your ancestors or the writings of their peers found in personal, community, county, state, or federal histories.

The narrative helps Heirlines customers
(link to: understand who their ancestors really were, who influenced their lives and the historical events which shaped the decisions that they made.

Using strict quality control, in Phase 3 Project Completion the work is compiled and assembled for priority mailing and delivery to the client. It is this kind of service, which truly sets Heirlines apart. Remember, Ancestors are the People of History and Heirlines is qualified to determine your family’s place in history.

Additional Features and Benefits

• Each custom project has additional features and benefits that enhance the ancestor research. Depending on what you choose, the project can include study of multiple surnames, DNA Testing, travel information for returning to your homeland, Data entry for Certified Family Tree®. Further details are available on the Heirlines Website (

For more information regarding ancestor history, contact (link to: the Heirlines Family History and Genealogy Center, call the center at 1-800-570-4049 (toll-free) or refer to the following information:

• Articles (link to:
• Articles from Meridian Magazine (link to:
• Additional Writings (link to:

Submitted by Mary E. Petty, BA (History), BA (Genealogy)

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