Here is a New Genealogy Portal

Dear James,
We are pleased to announce a new genealogy Portal,, that provides virtually everything needed for those interested in Genealogy and Family History products and services. The site includes Ratings by purchasers to ensure identification of the best and most trusted providers.
Visitors select one of seven Areas of Interest, find leading Vendors or Providers in each Area of Interest and click directly to the website of a chosen Provider. The Areas of Interest are: (1)Identify My Ancestors, (2) Learn How to Do Genealogy, (3)Linking Sites, (4)Preserving and Publishing My History, (5) Products to Purchase, (6)Professional Help, and (7) Reunions and Travel.

Visitors to the Portal are asked to personally Rate each experience at working with a Provider over the past six months. The ratings are confidential, and are averaged with other ratings for that Provider. Mechanisms are in place to prevent fraudulent ratings. Research shows that ratings of Provider performance result in heightened confidence of the purchaser.

This Genealogy Portal was the result of extensive consumer research that indicated genealogy consumers experienced several challenges, such as:

  • Not knowing how to begin searching for ancestors
  • Not knowing which merchant or service Provider to trust
  • Not being able to find information on the Internet, and
  • Overcoming frustrations in extending ancestral lines

The consumer research also confirmed the appeal of the Portal: Approximately 90% of respondents were very satisfied with the site, intended to return often and would highly recommend the site to others interested in genealogy.

We ask you to explore our new site , register and rate any genealogy Providers you may have used in the past six months. If you agree that our site is valuable, we invite you to make this new genealogical service available to others by forwarding this message to them.
If you offer genealogy products or services through a web site, we also invite you to visit the Merchants and Providers section and register to have your site listed on Lasting Links.
‘Looking forward to serving your needs,
Robert Dunford

Robert R. Dunford, CEO

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