LDS church members will get free access to more online family history records.

Photoxpress_8410395Family has recently announced that they will now collaborate with several commercial family history organizations in an effort to share resources and records. This will allow member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints increased access to extensive family history records, including obituaries, with no cost.

According to Don Anderson, a senior vice president from FamilySearch, “Members of the LDS Church will be granted free subscriptions to (the world edition subscription), (plus subscription) and (plus subscription), accessible from any location. These sites have between three and four times the number of records FamilySearch has, so it’s a substantial amount of both records and technology.” .

Anderson went on to say, “”I think it’s extraordinarily significant for several reasons. One, in total it saves members of the church millions of dollars. Second, for those on the edge of family history, who maybe in the past couldn’t afford or it wasn’t a high enough priority to spend $400 a year, this means they can have access to all the resources of those sites for free. Not only will it save money, but it will dramatically broaden the number of individuals involved in family history who otherwise wouldn’t have gotten involved or found records at these sites because it wasn’t in FamilySearch.” .

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