What is in a name. You’ll never know if you can’t decipher the abbreviation.

what is in a nameThe parish record says your great great grandfather’s first name is “Xpr,” can this be right? What about a name like “Jno” or ‘Ptk” or “Hy,” also found on the record. Before you decide to name your child after great great grandfather “Xpr” there’s something you need to know! You should know what is in a name.  “Xpr” is really “Christopher” and you are dealing with an abbreviation!

Just as “Jno” stands for “John,” “Ptk” means “Patrick,” and “Hy” is really “Henry,” names were often abbreviated on various types of records to save space and paper. Even census records are known to contain abbreviated names. Becoming familiar with the abbreviations for common names can save a researcher a lot of time and confusion. And it can save a great great grandchild from bearing the name “Xpr” for the rest of his life!

For more information and a comprehensive list of common name abbreviations, visit http://www.genealogyintime.com/dictionary/list-of-first-name-abbreviations.html

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