boyWhy Gen-Y has embraced genealogy with a passion.

In the past genealogy and family history was often thought to be something your parents or grandparents did. It involved old, dusty records, scouring microfilms, writing letters to distant relatives in an endless quest. Of course this still goes on but with the onset of the digital age, a whole new breed of people are developing a passion for genealogy and family history. We’re talking about “Gen-Y,” or people who were born between 1976 and 2001. We’re talking about young people!

There are many reasons why researching family history has such a huge appeal to people of this generation. Accessibility of records and an accelerated time frame for research are a big factor. Gen-Yers want “five minute rather than five-year genealogy.” And they can get it with today’s technology.

Gen-Yers also are attracted to the “game mechanics” of genealogy. Most have been raised with video gaming and this mentality has great appeal. They now can play the “genealogy” game within online communities that link them socially in the same way that a video gaming community does. They are able to solve mysteries, progress to new levels, break down brick walls and work through puzzles. In other words, all that time on the Playstation has hardwired them to be great genealogists!

Another factor that seems to draw Gen-Yers into the genealogy world is their sense of nostalgia and need to connect to their past. Raised in a society that is so overtly technical, Gen-Yers are increasingly turning to the past, to their roots, to have some sense of stability and purpose. They look for a bigger picture in their own lives by exploring the past.

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