New Family Tree online resource lets anyone build, manage and share your genealogical research and family history information online.

 Family TreeThe genealogical organization, FamilySearch recently released a new online resource called Family Tree.

The purpose of Family Tree is to provide genealogists or anyone interested in genealogy, with a place to organize and expand their research.

The website’s software allows the user to build their family tree completely online beginning with themselves and then expanding out to other generations.

The Family Tree online resource enables individuals to submit, manage and share family history information online.

But wait, there’s more! When information is input into Family Tree, the program can access billions of genealogical records already shared by other users in the FamilySearch database.

This record sharing enables information and families to be linked together. Family Tree users can also search billions of other historic records on’s Records Search to fill in missing information in their research.  Registering is simple.

Visit, click on the Family Tree tab and sign up for an account. Once you’ve created an account, you can begin to build your family tree with the information you already have.

The system will even let you know if someone else has already entered data about a common ancestor. You then have the ability to add that record to your own family tree in addition to all other information available for that individual. Your family tree will grow right before your eyes!

For more information about this valuable resource, visit

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