Tweet, post, link and pin your way to the connections that can really jumpstart your research! Social networking is a genealogist’s invaluable tool!


Social NetworkingIn the past, if a genealogist wanted to make contact with a relative in their search for information they would write a letter or perhaps pick up the phone. Today this type of connection and information sharing is just a click away. And finding distant relatives who may have that missing piece of data you need is easier than ever. Social networking allows us to Identify and communicate with distant relatives we might never have known existed. It also makes it possible to join groups of other researchers to share ideas and strategies that benefit everyone.

The most popular sites used by genealogists are Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Facebook has over 800,000,000 participants. Twitter has over 300,000,000 and Google+ has over 50,000,000 users. These sites provide amazing opportunities for making connections and gathering information. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

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