By answering 52 questions in 52 weeks your personal history will grow by leaps and bounds.


personal history

Writing a personal history is a goal for many of us. However, actually sitting down and doing it is another story. We all have good intentions and we all understand the importance of recording our thoughts, feelings, memories, special moments, etc. But getting stared can be daunting.

One genealogist was not afraid to dive into the task and develop a method to help others do the same. Steve Anderson developed a series of 52 questions to be answered, one a week, for 52 weeks.  Each question is designed to focus on a certain type of information.  There is no rule regarding how much should be written about each question, it could be simply a paragraph or dozens of pages.   By the end of 52 weeks, the end result is a very thoughtful, informative and complete personal history.

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