Pick the lock on your incarcerated ancestors using prison and inmate records available through extensive online databases.

inmate recordsOn September 27, 1864 notorious outlaw Jessie James and his gang attacked a train in Missouri and over 100 hundred people were killed. Most of us can’t trace our roots back to an ancestor as infamous as Jessie James, but our ancestors may have been convicted and imprisoned for a myriad of lesser reasons just the same. If there is a black sheep in your family tree there are many online sources for delving into your ancestors’ criminal past.

If you have a skeleton in your family closet, digging it up might not be as difficult as you think. Prison and inmate databases from state and federal penitentiaries and prisons, state archives or repositories can be found online. These databases offer a great deal of information and often include details of the crime committed and information such as place of birth and year. Sometimes there are even mug shots or other historical notes.

Other records and information can be found by delving into county court records, historical newspapers, state archives, jail logs, State or Attorney General records and more.

For more information visit http://www.blacksheepancestors.com/index.shtml

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