Athletic records from many sources can help genealogists learn more about their ancestor’s athletic pursuits.

athletic recordsOn September 23, 1845 the first baseball team, the NY Knickerbockers formally organized and officially adopted a rule code which became the foundation for the “New York Game.” Just like today, participating in sports and being a sports enthusiast was a part of our ancestors’ lives. Athletic records might reveal perhaps that great-grandpa was a star quarterback in high school? Maybe great-grandma swam competitively in college? Or maybe your great uncle never missed a Dodger game and kept a scrapbook for years?

It may seem difficult to piece together our ancestors’ athletic past but there are many athletic records that still exist and can help genealogists do just that. Athletic records such as newspaper archives, yearbooks, local histories, college newspapers, alumni association records, sports association records, etc. can really be a home run in searching for our ancestors’ sporting past.

Archiving these records can help future generations to recognize similar interests, characteristics and traits as they connect to their athletic ancestors from long ago.   To find out more, visit


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